Italian Molded Pillows - Your Choice

The non-ventilated one is making me crave wafer cookies.

So italian mold is better to sleep on? I always thought mold was bad.

From what I can see on the interwebz, this is a really good price, with the major retailers selling for $80-$100.

Looks like exactly what I need. But with no reviews that I can find I’m not buying from a company that has stopped answering support emails these days. Alas.

Found ONE review, only for a different pillow they carry, but at least it was something for their company and it was positive . .

so anyone have any personal experience with these? I desperately need a new, good pillow

Not much of a review, but hey, nice find.

They felt nice when I saw them at the office today. They fit a standard case but I’d probably go a queen or king case and tuck them in.

I’m sure that doesn’t help you any at all.

Hey any info is good info. Do you any idea how/if you can clean them? Saw you can wash the cover. Their website says 10 year warranty (know it will be 90 days through woot)but they must expect them to last a long time and sometime in those 10 years I think you would want to clean more than just the cover.

Better molded and moldy!

Cover ~ Machine Wash
Foam ~ Spot Clean

How firm were they? I’m looking for a pillow that’s like a rock.

with a ten year warranty i’m guessing these things must be dirt cheap to produce because that’s unheard of in the furniture industry

It’s memory foam so definitely not a rock.

Just a thought … Why not try Google first.


Congrats on your new brain, hope it works out better then the pillow question.

Love filters.

Google “outgassing” with memory foam. Not great for one’s health.

can any1 tell me which pillow is for back lying? i sleep on my back and not my sides, therefore i want to make sure. ty in advance