Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill

Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Italian Olive Wood Mill
SIZE: 7" Small, 9" Medium, 12" Large

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You’re fast.
(or your computer is)

edit: or you’re mill’s cousin.

$30 Salt OR Pepper Mill?

$60 + $5 for a set.

No Thanks.

I don’t want olive wood; I want the barrel of olives!

My savings just jumped to $125 over the last hour. Bring on the Corison. I’m ready!

Doesn’t it seem wrong that mill was not the 1st sucker for this?

Who would buy a 7 incher when the 12 incher is the same price? Nothing scares dinner partiers more than wielding a 12 inch wooden pepper mill when they comment on your cooking…

Other uses for an epic pepper mill:

-Beat off intruders
-Fun with the Mrs
-Banging a tribal drum
-Child behavior correction aide

my first First Sucker!

How to kill an hour of the WootOff while the east coast folks drive home.

Nah, Mill is usually first sucker on red wine.

Would this be suitable for wet salt such as Celtic?

Reading up from the previous woot, as these are ceramic, they are good for salt, though some folks thought they might not be strong enough for pepper.

[I thought the manufacturer chimed in near the end to say that two separate ceramic gears come in the box - one to be used for salt, one for pepper. But upon further reading, it seems that it’s just the two different top knobs. Quote from last time, “There is a 2nd grinder knob in the box. One has a “S” and one has a “P” so you can use for either salt or pepper.” Which is why I was confused. My apologies!]

P.S. in for one 12".

Er - he means because his handle is “mill.”

Awesome writeup.

c…o…r…i…s…o…n please??!

If this was $30 for a set, or even a large/small combo, I’d be in for 3 (one for my home, one for my vacation home, one for a “crap, it’s Christmas Eve and I forget to get a gift for…” gift).

But 60? Come on, man.

Yeah, the manufacturer arrived late with that info last time. I was one of several who got a little cranky. I notice they’ve improved the write up and say ceramic in the description this time. (Of course I found something else I like since that offer and I’m no longer in the market.)

Yes - hurt me, hurt me!

My wallet, that is.

Anyone have one of these? How well do the adjustment knobs work?

I’d like to be able to create both extremely finely-ground (almost powder) as well as larger chunks. (Chunks? That’s almost surely not the word I’m looking for.)