Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill

Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Italian Olive Wood Mill
SIZE: 7" Small, 9" Medium, 12" Large

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Anyone bought these before and know the quality of them? They look nice but they’re not worth it if they don’t hold up to common use.

my instincts say get the largest, but it probably won’t fit in my cupboard…(at full mast)

i’m glad my 5" isn’t even an option. i mean, c’mon, it’s average

Well I was excited about the wootoff…

According to the product description " 7" = Small "

Oh, good. I can go to bed now.

some say the olive wood can turn even run of the mill peppercorns into an orgasmic sneezing experience.

Just picked one up…
From the previous woot offering, the owner chimes in and says the inner grinding mechanism is ceramic.

That did it for me…been wanting to replace the target christmas special I picked up a few years ago.

A wootoff also…nice so this wont be here long… hmm maybe should of gotten 2.

I broke my wine.woot cherry… oh boy…why am I off work the next two days…this might be bad.

Check out the picture of the twelve inch package
now that’s impressive

I used to deliver pizza in Lynnwood, and I STILL go to school there. WHERE IS THIS PLACE?! I’ve never even heard of it.

(I mean the “Seasalt Superstore”)

It’s on Highway 99. Place pales in comparison to World Spice Merchants on Western Ave.

Is it just me or does $35 seem like a bit much for a pepper grinder? I mean I am in need of a new one but dang.

Actually, it’s a bit cheap for a wooden grinder. I paid quite a bit more for my hand-made applewood grinders, but they were hand-made.

No Fair!!! I had computer problems and now I see I missed Twisted Oaks Petite!!! Oh how cruel the world can be!!!

Pretty sure I just found the 12" mill on Amazon for 80 bucks. I still think $30 is alot for a mill too. I picked up some $60 Peugeot mills for $15 a piece shipped from Amazon warehouse deals last month, they might be worth $15 on a good day.

The price is not inexpensive and since there is no mention of the origin of the mechanical parts, one must assume they are made in China which is about as attractive as a Formosan Pinot Noir!