Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill

…and then it was gone…

$79.95 for the large without shipping (might be free shipping) on their website.

Anybody know if it is possible to adjust the grinder on these?

from the website “This grinder includes two stainless steel adjustment knobs marked with an S or a P, if you decide to change its contents.”

From the SeaSalt website: “This grinder includes two stainless steel adjustment knobs marked with an S or a P…”

So it says “adjustment knobs”.

I’ve one of these – very nice, durable, attractive. The tighter you screw down the knob on the top, the finer the grind.

This is, by far, the worst wine woot off I have ever seen…

Thanks - good to know. I’m in for 3, one for each of my kids. They all love to cook :slight_smile:

Agreed, what does it even have to do with Wine?

More to the point who’s going to pay $30 for a Salt OR Pepper Mill?

I believe they should have put “Ceramic grinding” Instead of “ceramic gears”. No gears in a pepper grinder. You’ll want ceramic for grinding salt, or it’ll corrode metal grinding surfaces.
Not bad.

Well, a pepper “OR” salt grinder is harder to come by. Like stated above, many pepper grinders can’t be used for salt due to the material of the grinding mechanism. I think the OR is pretty awesome cuz it shows the versatility & durability of the product. I want two.

Good thing I bought the salt deal last night…not

Some of us live for Thursdays when there’s something we might buy. The Lab Rats are fine for folks who are growing or stocking their cellars, but a lot of us aren’t going to buy a wine we haven’t tasted first. I’m really happy with the alternating wine and non-wine sales during woot-offs.

I’ve got all I need now, but I’ve bought four of these.

Incidentally, the vendor inexplicably had no idea what the capacity of these is. The large is 3 tablespoons of peppercorns; you can work your way down from there.

A fine meal enhances the wine drinking experience. These items help in the prep of a fine meal.

I bought two, one for pepper, one for salt. I’ve always wanted one. I’ve been using McCormick pepper grinders. These are actually pretty expensive over the long run. It’s much cheaper to get a good grinder and get the peppercorns in bulk.

Sea salt has more flavor than regular salt so you use less of it. It’s much better for people like myself watching their salt intake.

or the best because you’re not spending anything? :slight_smile:

Agree 100%

The large ones are all gone :frowning:

In for 2 Medium-sized ones.

No more 12". Why pay the same price for the 7 or 9 inch.Pass.
Now the 9" are all gone too. So, who wants to pay $35 for the small one.

I got these last time–while they are quite attractive, I don’t think they are very good grinders. You can exchange the “S” and the “P” thingies so you know which is which. Unfortunately, I get better pepper grinding with a disposible McCormack pepper grinder. A disappointment.