Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill

Italian Olive Wood Salt or Pepper Mill
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Italian Olive Wood Mill
SIZE: 7" Small, 9" Medium, 12" Large

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Either the description or the backend data on this is screwed up. It says choose 7", 9" or 12", however on the order page it’s saying the latter two are unavailable.

I may be wrong, but from what I remember, product information for Woot-offs is generally the same as when the product was first posted. However, the Woot-off is what they have left in stock, and if there were multiple options, some of those options may have sold out in prior sales. So like for this, it may be that the other sizes sold out during the earlier time(s) it was sold, and this is just what’s left.

On Amazon, the 7" ones come up for a minimum of $50. And in the swankier catalogues, up to $140! Definitely a good deal either way.

How do I choose a pepper mill over a salt mill? I don’t see an option on the ordering page.

Same mill. It comes with two knobs, one with an s and one with a p. You switch em out.

The grinder is ceramic, so it wont corrode if you put salt in it.

  • “includes two stainless steel adjustment knobs marked with an S or a P, if you decide to change its contents” *

; )

or what bosque said

I am kinda surprised so many people are only ordering one instead of two. Seems like it would make logical sense to do that.

Me too. I ordered two, one for us, and one for a Christmas gift.

I was more going for one for salt, one for pepper, but that works too. :slight_smile:

Thats why I ordered 3 sets last offer. $7 shipping for 9 bottles is where its at!

Now that amazon has sunk in as the owners, I guess we will only see wine offered 25% of the time on this woot site even though they have 4 other flash sites to jack it on!