Item hasn't shipped after 11 days...?

I ordered the Xbox bundle on the 16th and it still hasn’t shipped. Customer service isn’t replying to me anymore and they pretty much told me to keep waiting and never replied after the window they told me. Anyone know if something is going on at woot or what?

Hi there. I haven’t heard of any issues. Let me ask.

I’ve had a few orders since the 15th. They just started shipping yesterday. I also noticed a few items say in the small print, ships in 10-11 days. I’d gotten spoiled with the fast shipping, so I didn’t even look when I ordered. But the expected arrival dates on my orders are between June 1-5th.

Hi there. I’m told that there was a delay on the vendor’s end. It should ship out tomorrow.

Still nothing…?

Hey there. I checked in. It’s being delivered tomorrow. Not sure why tracking hasn’t been loaded. I’ll get it to you via private message.

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