Item I REALLY want in garage sale keeps getting 404 error

I am trying to order the DUAL SHOWER MASSAGER W/RAINFALL HEAD SET WHITE. It keeps giving me error 404 everytime. Does anyone have a way for me to order it without the error? Thanks!

Hi there. I’m having trouble finding that item. Could you post a link to the garage sale it’s in?

The last items I see with that title were from July.

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I promise I’m not crazy (well, I’m a little crazy) the picture I’m sharing is a screen shot taken from my phone on the app. I checked browser to get link and can’t find anywhere. I’m seriously perplexed now

Clear your cache… that isn’t currently on sale. You might need you remove your app and then reinstall it.


Yeah, try what @DarnWootin said. Let me know.


Will do, but now I’m on a mission to find a shower head like that for a decent price

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I cannot vouch for the quality or the brand, but with its current 50% off coupon promo, the price is good.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

ETA: Coupon no longer available.

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@ThunderThighs I swear I posted about this last night I’m someone’s thread about the shower head and now I can’t find it

Scroll through your activity. If it’s there, you will find it.

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I deleted the thread. It got erroneously pushed out when they pushed out some missing threads. That sale isn’t active so it errored out.


Ah, thank you - I thought I was losing it and dreaming about posting on Woot

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