Item pages not working in the app

Since 2 days ago the app seems to have a malfunction on my phone. It looks fine at first until i click on an item… On the item page it starts blinking like crazy as if the page is constantly resetting which causes the add button to blink on and off. There is no way to view the page or add any items to the cart. Is this only happening to my phone or are others experiencing the same thing? This started friday morning after new items were posted.

Glad I checked here. I’m having the same problem as you are. The app totally glitches when looking at each item on its own. I can’t even scroll up or down while looking at each item. I’m also not able to buy anything.

Edit: Running Android 9.0 on a Samsung Note 10.
Woot version

Edit 2: just deleted app and reinstalled from the play store and having the same problems.


Yep, having the same issue. Just lost out on a 58% off deal on a sweet looking Boba Fett shirt that I scored in the weekend app crap game, because the listing page was having a spastic fit. Kinda bummed about that, and not sure what the issue is.

For additional info, I’m running version 4.2.1 of the app on a Pixel 3 with Android 10.

Here you go, but don’t tell anyone. :wink:

Hi there. I’m not seeing the issue on iOS.

Could you try removing the app from memory and check for updates?

Uninstall reinstall on Android, unable to to view any item page, the page constantly flashes and reloads

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I gave that a try (see my edits in my original post) but the same problems are still there.

Same here. Android 9, Essential PH-1. All item pages just reloading and reloading. Can’t choose drop down, view images, etc.

What happens if you clear the app data and go back into the app?

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Thank y’all for the info. Rousing the devs now.

UPDATE: We’re unable to reproduce right now. If you come across this problem:

  1. reinstall the app
  2. clear cache & storage


Cleared cache, cleared storage. Seems to have fixed issue. Wasn’t smart enough to do one at a time, so not sure which was the fix. Whoops!

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Hi there. Those of you that had issues with the app this weekend, what version of the app were/are you running?



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Hi All,
I am very sorry that you are seeing the screen flicker. We are having a hard time reproducing the issue on our end. But we think we know a reason why that could have happened and have made a fix. Can you guys try again and see if it still flickers? I really appreciate your help on this front.

I’m not seeing any issues anymore. Thanks for doing whatever you done did!