Items on mothership from Woot but not available here

Can somebody tell me why the mothership item “Finer Form Gym Quality Foldable Flat Bench” says Sold and Ships From Woot, but I can’t find it here anywhere?

(I can find it by external search engine, but it says Sold Out. It’s still live on the mothership. )

Most likely they had stock left over from either a one day sale or from a multi day sale, and are looking to make space in the warehouse.

That makes no sense. Woot is the very home of limited quantity, get them out fast one-off items, not the mothership.

Hi there.

If we sell things on Amazon, it’s through their site just like any 3rd party seller. We don’t duplicate the listing on Woot. Our sites are separate retail sites.

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Does that mean inventory can get commingled with counterfeits?

I don’t know Amazon’s filing system so I can’t answer that. Sorry.