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what are the ingredients in the Ultra dog food?

I found the Dog Food Manufacturer’s website:

I got the travel mug recently and found it to be very nice. Even with the frigid temps we are having I came back to my car 3 hours later and found I still had hot coffee. Cleans very easily and actually fits under the one cup side of my coffee maker.

What is the source of the ivory in the carved ivory candles?

I’d like to say soap, but I’m confirming with the vendor. I’ll update you when I hear back.


Ivory is the color, not the substance they are carved from. The Amazing Flameless Candle site says they are carved from wax. “Our real wax candles are hand crafted”

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can someone comment on the volume the scoops hold? small, medium and large aren’t particularly helpful.


Well, I just learned more about scoops than I ever knew.

There are standard scoop sizes.

The last 2 digits of the model number are the scoop size. So 2024 is size 24.

Flameless Candle - I bought the rectangular one. It looks pretty good, the issue is that the light pulses at a constant rate, not varying like “flickering”. So kind of loses the effect if you look directly at it for a few seconds.