iTouchless 13 Gallon Rectangle Trash Can

Save your money!! Thought this and the small one for the bathroom would be great! The bathroom one right off the bat would not open unless you practically held your foot over it for 4-5 seconds.

Kitchen one lasted about 2-3 weeks working fine then one day it would just open up about 1". . Tried taking it apart to see what happened and no fixing it or explaining it.

Just get something with a foot pedal for a quarter of the cost and you will not curse every time you use it! Junk plain and simple and wish I returned them but it was the holidays and missed my window.

I previously purchased iTouchless It13MXP for 59.99. I’m not sure of the major differences between the 2 specific models, but the issue of your lid not opening is either dead or crap-tier batteries.

I’m coming up on my 2 year purchaseaversary of mine and it’s still awesome!