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The faucet adapter states it "Controls water temperature and flow by adjusting the existing faucets’ handles any time." That makes it sound like the adapter can adjust the temperature and flow on it’s own, without manual adjustment from the user. Is it safe to assume I’m misinterpreting?

The pepper grinder is 25 on home depot. Not really the deal it looks.

I believe what it is trying to say is that you set the water pressure and temperature with the existing handle(s) and leave it that way, then whenever you activate the water with the sensor it turns on to that preset pressure and temperature.

That’s what I figured, but it could have been worded a bit more clearly. The last thing you want is to purchase something, only to find out later it isn’t as amazing as you thought it would be.

iTouchless 6L trashcan is listed by amazon for $50—not $60—and is on sale for the same $40 price…but with free super saver shipping. oops…

Did you have a link to the sale on Amazon?

I couldn’t find it. Rogetray, I highly doubt they can be the same size or have the same qualities.


Looks like someone found the link. I kept trying to find a 1.5 gallon version, the Amazon says it’s 6 L (which is also 1.5 gallons, not 1)

Thanks for looking anyways MichXelle :smiley:

Thanks for finding the URL. I’ve pinged the staff to look into it.

Thanks for the backup! Ill bring a link next time