iTouchless Cans

Someone needs to invent a can that locks whenever cats or dogs go near.

I picked one of these a while back and I should have passed. Just about every time I need to throw something out, I find myself hovering over the can waving my hands back in forth trying to get the thing to open. Most of the time it take 5 o 10 seconds before it opens if it even does.

Thank you for your feedback. Our sensor technology is not motion sensor, therefore, please place your hand or any object steadily within 6 inches above the infrared sensor on the front of the lid unit. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any further assistance.

Happy Wooting :slight_smile:

The small cans appear cheaper on Overstock.

This makes sense!

“The iTouchless Deodorizer 8 Gallon Round Sensor Trash Can features a full 13 gallon capacity”


Ahh yes, built with Time Lord technology I see.

The round white 13 gallon says it features an 8 gallon capacity…!


How do you dump it out, without touching it. Or does it slowly decompose. If not, you cannot call it “touchless.”

PS: What is the rate decomposition, If very slow you you might have to buy 3 or 4, or store backup garbage in you bathtub.

We have the dual can model. Have used it for years. We removed the cover when the sensor stopped working – about ten minutes after the warranty ran out.

The sensor technology may have changed, but when ours worked, the cover would open when someone walked past the can. It had to be located in a place with an electrical outlet which was not routinely walked through.

I do like the style of the can. We use one side for recyclables and the other for trash. Emptying is a little more work than a traditional can.

When I get around to replacing the one I own, I will replace it with a similar style can with a foot pedal opener.