iTouchless Gadgets

Anyone know how well the bag re-sealers work?

Very high-tech stuff , but I’m afraid the child would ruin them ;
This problem does not know how to deal with;

While I have not tried these, I have tried several - and I have yet to see a battery-powered pepper mill that either worked worth a crap, or didn’t eat batteries like candy (and AAs at that - not these wimpy AAAs)

I would love to hear someone comment otherwise - I don’t need another useless mill…

I bought four of these salt and pepper grinders. One arrived not functioning, and one died within a couple of days of arriving. Think twice.

@ Pufferfishy - the two that DO work, work well, and don’t eat batteries.

I remember the woot that wasn’t a source for the same stuff one could find at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I bought the two pack for $17 and they are worthless. Even with fresh batteries, we get maybe 2 weeks out of them. We tried different salts (Himalayen Pink and sea salt) and different peppers. These are just anemic. Guests press the button and after hearing it whine for a few seconds, turn it over to see the LED light flickering like it’s dying. Save your $$ and buy a manual grinder…