iTouchless Gadgets

Did you know that there are 229,00 germs per square inch on frequently used faucet handles? Gross, we know!

The automatic EZ Faucet requires no touching so you won’t get germs right back onto your hands after you’ve just washed them.

Happy Wooting!

Thank you, Woot, for making the world safer for mysophobes everywhere*!

*within the United States, excluding Maggie’s Nipples, Wyoming, and Assinippi, Massachusetts

6% off? I remember getting a pair of these touchless sensor (same brand) trash-cans at Costco a year ago (it came with a 13 gal and a 1.5 gal) for 50$. These prices are crazy high now, why?

Both Sam’s Club and Costco have them for $69. That’s still way better than woot.