iTouchless Home & Kitchen

I purchased several of the iTouchless Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers a while ago from Woot. I could never get them to dispense more than a couple of sheets properly before failing. I just use them as vertical paper towel stands. The automatic dispensing function is worthless.

I’m sorry to hear that. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service at 1-800-660-7978 or email . Our product specialists are more than happy to assist you.

Does it go and auto charge itself when battery is low?

Which item are you referring to?

Poo. Same item is $122.43 & FREE Shipping at Amazon.

Are the more expensive items (door locks, Roomba knock-off) eligible for SquareTrade warranties?

All the door locks has 2 years manufacture warranty. Robotic Vacuum has 1 year manufacture warranty. Hope this information helps.

the fingerprint lock is about $40 more on amazon, and comes with a 2 year warranty compared to woots 90 day warranty. reviews are mediocre though.

For the PM001C not sure where you get the “List Price” of $49.99. This is quite inflated from the actual “List Price” of $29.99 on On top of that it is currently on sale for $19.99 with free shipping (If you can find something else to put it over the $35.00 mark of course). In any case. $16.99 plus shipping. Not such a great deal or “Woot”.

I use the 13 Gal Touchless Sensor Trashcan- DZT13O in my kitchen. I’ve had this trashcan for over 5 years (probably closer to 8) and it still works perfectly. Great purchase.

Cheaper in amazon … lately products from woot are more expensive than those available elsewhere !!! Isn’t it going in wrong direction ??

I bought the salt and pepper mill just under a year ago… we finally got fed up with them and bought a manual set. They were pretty underpowered, and didn’t want to churn through the pepper much at all. Unless you have serious tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, I’d recommend buying a manual grinder.

I lost custody of this same flashlight in my last break up. I’m so glad to see it here because I never knew who made it. I loved this thing, it’s definitely worth a buy!

Bought the Salt and Pepper Grinder last December and don’t recommend it. It uses 6 AAA cells and strangely, seems to kill them one or two at a time. Put 6 fresh ones in to start. Two weeks later after one or two meals per day it quits. I take out the batteries and test them. 5 are showing almost full charge and one is almost completely dead. replace the dead one. A week later dead again. Test batteries and two are dead. Replace two and OK again for three weeks and then… tadaa… you guessed it. Another one bites the dust!. Been this way since I bought it. Tried different makes of battery with no change. I like it and will keep it going until I finally get fed up with it one night at the dinner table and do the “swim” test with it in the creek out back! (I can just reach it with a good throw from the deck!)(Would I be liable for pepper pollution of a waterway?)