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This is not a sale when same item on Amazon is 79.59. Ok maybe by $5


The 13 gallon extra wide trash can is either identical or very similar to this product on Amazon:

Good reviews, but like the person before me mentioned, Woot’s price (after shipping) isn’t good.


I bought one of these and it stopped working completely within a year. Then we got a Simple Human self opening Sensor can and it is still going strong. Don’t waste your money! A Simple Human step-on opening trash can would give you many more years of service.


Wow now this is awesome. Every man with others living with him needs this. It would save at least 2 years of arguments out of his life. No more touching the toilet seat or the trash can. Now I’m living like Bill Gates. Lol


Just a note about quality. I bought this one from Amazon in 2010, still works great.


Although it’s sold out here already, the 13 Gallon trash can looks suspiciously similar (down to the identical photographs,) to the one offered on the Costco website.

Your Price $69.99, Shipping & Handling included. This unit seems to include the plug in adaptor, so it could be a wash, at the $10+ premium here. Mine came today actually, and it seems like I will enjoy it more than hubby. The ring that holds the bag in is flimsy and he had to wrestle with it to stay, and when he walks by, his tush is sensor high (he’s 6’1") and it opens every time. Tee heee


Truly a testament to how lazy us human beings can be… or hypochondriacal?