iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can

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iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can
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I had one of these and it only lasted about 6 months before it died. Changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work.

Similar Model at Overstock with Tons of Reviews

Got one a while back and it’s been great. Only wish it came with the wall plug. I’ve been using it with my D size rechargeable batteries or else it gets expensive replacing batteries all the time.

I don’t have this model, but I had an iTouchless from 2011 we put on our wedding registery and it was the first wedding gift we got rid of. It’d open every time we walked passed it or stood near it. It’s next to the back door (high traffic area) and i’d say it’d false open at least twice a day, sometimes exposing rank stank for no reason!

We decided it was the silliest thing and just got a dumbcan with a foot pedal. It’s a Simple Human and has held up since 2011, but ironically it cost even more than this Woot.

Anyway, just a heads up, don’t put the sensor cans in a high traffic area.

It’s not really stainless. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, but this does. Easy way to check (instead of waiting for rust) is to stick a magnet on it. If it’s really stainless, magnets won’t stick. Or maybe it’s just a really low grade steel that just barely qualifies as “stainless” through some loophole. Anyway, I’ve had this model for a couple years and it was cool at first, but the auto open stopped working after a few months. I still use it like a normal can and it used to look nice, but now it’s getting rust spots from the inside and looks dingy. Not a terrible can, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

I got the DZT13 in January and have been happy with it. It still runs on the original batteries and I haven’t noticed it opening when it shouldn’t.(Of course I have a pretty spacious kitchen so I don’t have to walk close to it.) The way the can is designed makes it easier to completely fill up a 13 gallon bag which means one or two fewer trips outside a month. It looks modern and cleans up easily. I paid $63.58 with tax and feel like I made a good purchase.

I recently bought this- maybe a couple months ago? I like it so far. It does have one or two false opens a day, but it’s right in the laundry room doorway. You can buy an AC adaptor for it, but the batteries in mine have lasted since I got it. It’s somewhat annoying that the lid closes fast- if I’m emptying coffee grounds, it always gets me, and then get confused about whether it should shut or stay open. At this point, I would buy it again.

About how long did the battery last before you had to recharge?

I got one from woot about 3 months ago, and my experience has been the same as yours. Like you, I’m still on the original batteries. No false opens, a bigger actual capacity than my old round can, and noticeably less odor when the can is closed (I guess the lid really does seal more tightly than a typical can).

A few weeks after buying it at woot, I saw the same can at Costco. When Costco stocks it, I find that’s usually a sign that something is good quality. They still sell it - for $69 with free shipping!

So if you want to be able to just carry it into Costco for a refund if it stops working, spend the extra $5 and get it at

Ah, nuts.

hmmm …

I have a similar trash can, not the exact same model but an earlier incarnation. I hate it. It either starts closing on you too early or it takes too long to open. Right now it’s not closing at all, just twitching every 5 seconds eating up battery. Unless you have experience with this exact trash can in person, and liked it a lot, I do not recommend getting it.

I bought this model from Overstock two years ago and bought the AC adapter off Amazon. Still works, had a period where the auto-open stopped working but the problem was that something got stuck where the AC adapter plugs in. No problems I could attribute to the unit itself.

I purchased this back in march, I have owned 3 or 4 of touch less trash cans and this one so far is the best, and please do not post bad info unless you own this model because all are different, this one seems very solid with the mechanical functioning compared to all before (none were this brand).

If you keep your hand moving over the sensor the door 75% of the time stays open when NONE of my previous models ever did this!!
On all of mine the batteries lasted months, 6 to 12 months, so that is not a problem.
This trash can is just the right size for a kitchen unless you need a 30 gallon one for some reason.

This is my best one yet, and I was skeptical also, but of course you could get a lemon, just like everything else out there, hopefully they are few and far in between!!

Best of luck

I got this the last time woot offered it and couldn’t be more pleased with it. I’ve experienced none of the problems others are reporting. I put Eneloop AA batteries in D-cell adapters and have yet to recharge them–and that’s with repeated use daily.

Thinking about getting another for the laundry room.

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Worth the money, but has a couple of drawbacks: slight delay in waiting for it to open (footstep can is actually quicker), and no control over how long it stays open, so if you’re scraping a messy plate off, it may close on you while you’re doing it. Also, bin is fairly thin, so if you like to cram things in, you’ll likely get dents in it. I think people not yet used to a footstep will like it, though.