iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can

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iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can
Price: $59.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 27 to Tuesday, Apr 28) + transit
Condition: New


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4.2 Stars over at Amazon

I’ve had this for 4 years. It spent one year in storage and I love it. Works perfectly every time. If you find it didn’t close all the way, it’s because you blocked it from closing all the way the last time and the mechanism reset. All you do is close it the rest of the way and it’s all good! If this hadn’t survived being in storage, I would have bought another one right away.

I have two of these and I love them. One is about a year old, I guess, and one is about six months old.

i like to buy, but like to know what is the diff It13MXP from It13MX

Mine worked for about a week. I still use it, but I have to raise and lower the lid by hand.

Mine worked one time.

Why didn’t you just return it?

Some designs just can not be improved. It’s the KISS PRINCIPLE, keep it simple stupid.

The more complexity you build in, the more that can malfunction.

mine never worked from the day I purchased it. have to do it manually. Tried to return it but they told me after 15 days they don’t take returns. I’ll buy local anymore :frowning:

Does it have a mode to catch flies and other winged pests for me?

I’ve had mine for 1-1/2 years and never had a bit of trouble with it…use it constantly and only had to replace the battery once. I’m getting a 2nd one for recycle!!