iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can

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iTouchless MX-Series Trash Can
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4.2 Stars over a Amazon


terrible garbage can. lid worked only for a couple of weeks. small so will not hold much trash.

I’ve had mine for about 5 months. Got it plugged into outlet so no batteries to replace. Love it. And it’s standard 13 gallon bags- not tiny. Once in a while it will not respond, but it opens after a slow wave. Usually very responsive & opens quickly. Get one & enjoy.

POS. Wish someone would have told me not to buy it.

I don’t own this trashcan, but my neighbor does. He’s had it since I met him (4+ years) and his is still going strong. Because of its square type shape it seems like it wouldn’t hold much, but it does.

My wife bought a cheaper brand at Sam’s and the lid quit working within 3 months. Now, I have a small knob attached to it. I might pull the trigger on this one.

Bought mine April 25, 2015. Works great. Bought the plug in so no batteries. I’m a stuffer so I pack it down. Easy to empty since it has vents that eliminate suction. No side warping so far which I was worried about with my packing it full. No complaints so far.

Does anyone know if you can override the automation and just leave the lid open and then manually close?

Yes, it has an open button you push and it stays open until you push the close button. I use it when emptying my vacuum canister.

I don’t have this specific trash can, but I have owned about ten of them from different manufacturers, most of them this brand. All of them broke down during normal use within a little over a year. Generally some plastic part broke and most of the time repair was not feasible. Occasionally the sensor just stopped sensing. I loved the automatic feature but in the end I switched to foot pedal units.

I laughed every time I saw an “auto open” can as I walked by them in Costco.

We needed a new tashcan a while back and shopped around. The Costco one was cheaper than similar non auto ones at BB&Beyond. We bought it.

I’m a convert. I am honestly not sure how I was able to function around my kitchen without the auto open feature. 10/10 will buy again when I need one.

We bought this trash can previously from Woot and it infuriates us. The motion sensor keeps the can open for a limited time, or you can press the “open” button for a longer period before the cover closes. If, however, as you’re reaching to press the button you trigger the motion sensor, the shorter interval prevails and you inevitably wind up with the lid closing into whatever you’re tossing in (such as a plate full of scraps). Would not buy again.

It stays open for 5 minutes, then it closes if it’s the same model that I bought on Woot several months ago.

I agree. I get around this problem by approaching the button from the side so my hand doesn’t pass in front of the sensor. If the lid doesn’t close in 5 seconds, then you’re good for 5 minutes.

I bought this trash can the last time Woot offered it. I bought an AC adapter since the trash can sits near an outlet so I don’t have to use batteries. So far it’s a Love/Hate Relationship. The size is fine; it takes 13 gallon bags. The plastic ring holds the bags in place so they fall into the can when you toss something heavy into the can. The carbon filter works well. I found replacement filters on Amazon for a reasonable price. My only issue with the can is that the lid doesn’t always open all the way. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t quite figure out the problem. Not sure if I should try to contact the manufacturer or not. It will work great for a few weeks and then not open all the way for a week. Overall, I like the trash can.