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But does it work with a Mac?

Sorry, too easy… I’m better than this…

I’m usually a pretty keep to myself kind of person when it comes to my trash but…just had to offer a lil feedback on my purchase of the large iTouchless trash can. Ordered and received-no problem. After 2 months of working great, sadly it worked no more. Wasn’t batteries. Is a motor issue. And it wasn’t used very much-average 6x/day. Only 2 adults in house. No kids or visitors that became hypnotized w/ the technology. Woot customer service responded to our inquiry regarding the year warranty, said contact the company. We have. Several times. No response. So now we have a regular touchy feely trash can (same can, just broken) oh well, that’s what we get for trying to get uppity with our garbage.

I have one of the large square iTouchless cans. I love it. Mine is plugged into AC. I guess I’ve had it since late winter. It’s working fine so far. It was a big change for me- I’ve always been the " brown grocery bag under the kitchen sink" type of person, like my mother before me. My motivation for the change, living in Florida, was creating a bug-proof space. Fruit flies can still get into it, but other than that, it’s not attracting anything.

Thanks for sharing this. We want one of these trash cans and bought a similar “touchless” one on Amazon. We put the batteries and the light turned on but it wouldn’t work. We switched batteries to see if this was the problem and it still wouldn’t work. The reviews were good. Discouraged, we returned it and have yet to buy another one.

I keep buying all these trashbags, just to throw them away. Sigh.

Shouldn’t the trash can that’s half the size be half the price?

I had a similar issue except my lid would go up and down all day. when I contacted woot they told me to call the manufacturer, also got no response. I just gave up and moved the trash can into my garage for shop towels. Left a real sour taste in my mouth.

IF this would remove the full trash bags from the house, then I’d call it “touchless” … putting stuff in the garbage container hasn’t been a problem here.

Depends on size of the Mac. You could throw away just about any portable Apple device except full-sized iPads in the smaller trash can, and you could probably fit those iPads in the bigger one.

Some might argue that’s where they belong. :slight_smile:

Touchless trashcan, eh? So what’s to prevent Fido or Sylvester from opening it and rooting around in there trying to get to last night’s supper?

If it was just a container, then yes. But I expect the electronics and motor, etc are the same for each size, not half the price, so the sum is greater than half the cost since only the can itself is half as big.

GOOD POINT! Never thought about that, being petless myself.

No. The motor/lid (A) is the main cost. The larger can (B) costs $10 more than the small can ©. A+B>A+C. Math.

I have owned 2 touchless trash cans. The first lasted about a year then the plastic gear that opens the lid just wore out and wouldn’t work anymore. Our current 21 gallon touchless can (which is a great size btw!) is still running after 2 years. I’m assuming it doesn’t have a plastic gear. I bought it for $59…what a great deal!! It was a better deal than this one. This is the one I ordered from ‘Carsons’:

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Please feel free to contact us at if you experienced any issue with your trash can. Our Service Representative is happy to provide a solution for you.

Please feel free to contact us at for simple reset guideline to resolve the issue you are experiencing with your trash can.

My first sensor trash can experience was from a Nine Star trash can. They have almost the lowest prices among similar products. But it died after 2 months, and I was never able to find their customer support to assist. Then I tried iTouchless. I first bought a 13 gallon can and later the recycler. One is still working for over 3 years as of today, and the other needed warranty service. I contacted them via the toll free # as stated on the user manual. The problem got resolved right away. For the money I spent, I think the longevity of the products is very reasonable. It would definitely cost more if you expect more.

Ughhhhhh. I accidentally ordered 2, 8 gallon. I wanted 2,13 gallon. I was trying to talk on the phone and woot at the same time. I sent a request to pay the difference. I hope someone gets it. I can’t use the 8 gallons.

Any suggestions on anyone else I should try to contact? I emailed a request early this morning.