It's a Snap!

Congrats on the daily, Chachachino!

This joke is now officially played out.

A football themed design is apropos on the 148th anniversary of the first American Football game.

Rutgers beat Princeton 6-4 on November 6th 1869 in New Brunswick, NJ.

I feel like this was a real missed opportunity to have him diagraming a trap play.

I want that trucker hat.

Thanks acraigl (also for generally being an agent of good cheer). I guess this is the final nail in one long-running corny coffin.
silent7seven, you’re in luck

I am going to agree, and add that the shark is a good mile back at this point.

This poster is on top of it.

I cannot believe they sell hats like this! Also, maybe the next one should be the admiral sitting on the “crapper” before the final nail is driven…