It's Dangerous to Ho Ho Ho Alone

Love this! Wish the expected delivery date wasn’t halfway through the only month you can wear it in. =/

Props to the designer, though!

You should have some expedited shipping options. With 1-Day, you could have it 12/1.

Meh, I know. Always tough to justify spending as much/more on shipping than on the product itself. Thanks though.

I know–I feel the same way. I was thinking at least I could spring for the expedited shipping on a 2 or 3 cool holiday shirts to make it worth the extra cost… but apparently you have to pay expedited shipping for each item separately, so there’s no benefit for bundling the items together.

I want this shirt, but how many times will I wear it in the 14 days between when it arrives and Christmas?

C’mon, Woot. Incentivize me to buy more stuff at one time.