it's funny that the topic for this derby is "consumerism"

i’m all excited. just got home from work, to realize there were 4 woot shirts sitting on door step. how ironic.

i have 3 more en route…

all the derby submissions with “woot” themes, are so appropriate.

I’ve heard rumors that one day woot will do a woot based derby, If so I already have my entry:

until then, I don’t think they want any references to woot.

yeah v8r, nobody is going to think of that one!

As for consumerism…well I keep thinking there is nothing they can sell that I want. I’m not buying anything else. Ever.

Except I got two woot orders in Oct and I’m waiting for two more. :frowning:
I actually have a second account will on its way to a black box.

[Jon Stewart]Damn you woot!!![/Jon Stewart]