It's Never Too Late To Be A Rock Star

Please Woot, stop selling these crappy flutes and clarinets. Parents, please don’t buy them for your kids. You can find a good used instrument for the same price if you shop right. I post this every time these come up and I’m tired of fully explaining. See here for a more thorough explanation:

The Trinity River and Kona guitars are actually pretty good guitars. Don’t let the price fool you.

Well, I wish I could comment about the quality of the instrument. Unfortunately all I received last time this was up on woot was a poorly packaged flimsy carton box with splintered remnants of a guitar. They might as well have stuffed an envelope full of toothpicks. Sigh… I’m ordering another one right now…

Select -> Ukulele

*Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item *


Of course, if you live in Hawaii, they handed you a Uke when you moved in.

Anyone know if that cheap electric guitar would be suitable for those Rocksmith games? I like the idea but the price of the game + instrument has kept me from taking the plunge. This could tempt me.

If it were me, I’d go to rondomusic and look at the SX telecasters and strats. Those are very well made Chinese guitars. They are very nice. I bought one for $110 shipped a couple of years ago. But you can use any electric guitar with Rocksmith. Upgrade to a used Fender mexican model when you are ready.

You might also want to look at Agile and Dean brands and the Fender Squire. I wouldn’t recommend a supercheap guitar because it’s usually not worth it. But some of these Chinese guitars are quite good.

Using a really cheap knockoff guitar might be frustrating in rocksmith if it doesn’t stay in tune. I’d go for an entry level epiphone or squire instead of a pyle designed to look like an epiphone or squire. I’ve also heard the monoprice guitars are good budget guitars.

I took the plunge with rocksmith and a squier bulletcaster ($130 new) and later a squier bass and I’m having a blast. I’ve been doing this for about 6 months now and on a good day I feel like a genuine rock star.

Awesome … my DJ Rack just arrived damaged.

You know I’m just saving tons of bucks by having to pay return shipping on a 28lb unit.

I think we’ve been chatting on Twitter too, but yeah, we won’t require you to pay return shipping on a damaged item. We’ll send along better instructions on how to return it when we’re able to get back to you, but don’t worry about sending it back on your own.

Long time Wooter, first time complainer.

Just got my footstool and drum throne – double disappointment!

The footstool buckled under my foot the first time I set it up – with a very normal amount of weight and pressure applied, the metal bent in three places, gave out completely, and was anything but the “heavy duty materials, making it very stable with a solid feel” mentioned in the description.

The box for the drum throne says “max weight 200 lbs.” … while the Woot description says 275 lbs. I’m about 205 lbs. Based on the quality of the footstool, I’m not even going to open the box. How do I get a refund and return address label?

Sorry to hear about the double disappointment.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you write into and let them know what has happened. They’ll be more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

Alternatively, you can also contact Pyle Audio Customer Support as the item you purchased should still carry a 1 Year Pyle Warranty. They might be able to replace the item if we’ve run out of stock.

Just received the PylePro Electric Guitar & Amp Package.

While the guitar and cable are working, the amp does not produce any sound whatsover (not even a buzz or crackle when the unit is turned on). I am able to hear the amp using monitor headphones. Thus, I believe the speakers of this unit are blown!

I am extremely disappointed with this defective guitar amp!

I just got this PA speaker:

First of all, it looks waaay better in person than in the stock pictures on Woot and Pyle’s website.

Connected it and I gotta say, quite surprised at how good it sounds!

Very happy with the purchase.