It's Never Too Late to Get in Shape

Round is a shape

That Golds Gym Power Pack looks awkward for most uses. Anyone actually use that thing?

I really like the Oh Yeah! Victory bars. I prefer the cookie dough but the brownie is very good as well. This is half the price i usually get them for so i’m loading up.

Aww you beat me too it.

A little google-fu shows that this is a bulgarian bag.
Here’s a video of it in use.

Now I MUST buy it!

That picture’s giving me a bulge area.

What makes that dumbbell a “shockwave” dumbbell? Gotta love marketing spin.

You’d get laughed out of my gym if you brought in most of this equipment, especially that Jillian Michaels kettlebell garbage. Specialized/cheap equipment like that always end up in the trash. Get real kettlebells that aren’t plastic and filled with sand that shifts around so you can use it for other things too (like, oh I don’t know, real kettlebell exercises). You’d also get laughed out of my gym if you were built like a bloated dead cow in the hot summer heat as I am (but you’ll learn to ignore “the hataz” as you do kettlebell pushups on your sweet new Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push Up Bars)

Oh, I remember those “monster walk” bands, from back when I did my physical therapy. Strap them around your ankles, then do side-steps, back and forth, back and forth.

I remember hating them, too! But man, will they give you a workout!!

Thanks for that. My Google-fu skills weren’t up to snuff apparently. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to give this a try. Looks interesting.

Do you come with the power pack? oh you… giggle giggle.


I bought one. I think I will use this every day… and swing this thing around… It’s perfect for what my mind wants to do with something like this… but I just never had something like this… So, I’ll definitely be doing all kinds of things with it and it will build up my core.

I got the Ninja Blender and am juicing… and now this… Hey Woot! You’re hooking me up man!

Thank you.

I must say that in all of my Woot! history I’ve never seen a woman quite as attractive as the one in the lead photo. If only she were selling Dyson vacuums or perhaps a laptop, I’d probably buy one. Oh well. Love is fleeting.

“Thermal hat” for exercising. To keep me warm?! Ahahahaha! I actually looked at it, thinking for a moment that it might could somehow provide cooling.

Because the only thermal property I’m aware of wrt my head when exercising it how it gets so hot that sweat come pouring down from scalp, over face, and rains off of my eyelids, nose, etc.

What about when you’re dead? I bet it’s too late to get into shape then…

It looks like she is exercising with a severed arm.

Pro-Form Thermal Hat - California Prop 65

Vague warnings about cancer, birth defects and “other reproductive harm” are NOT ok when there’s nothing to reassure me online. Does anyone know anything about this?

If a California Prop 65 warning meant something remotely dangerous, I’d have to spend my days cowering in an empty room avoiding parking lots (automobile exhaust? Better post a Prop 65 warning!), coffee (not for any chemicals added to the coffee – just for what’s created naturally during the roasting of any coffee beans), bakeries (because baking a pastry in an oven might produce hazardous chemicals), and pretty much everything else in the world.

The requirements for posting these labels are so vague and meaningless that they’re ignored by pretty much everyone. Well, except for the lawyers who realized they can make a good living by filing a lawsuit against anyone not posting a Prop 65 warning. Currently the total settlements are up past the $500 million mark, with over $20 million in 2012 alone ( ).