It's the Principles of the Matter (Part I)



I’d sure like to buy Monkey King and Umbrellas!


Missing an image up there…
It was a dark and stormy night


Thanks. That was very enlightening! Now I don’t have to go to art school…


I’ve often wondered (usually when making a payment on student loans) how I might have done with a bunch of books and some gumption.


Wonderful post, woot. A+ lesson and a great resource. It’s easy to lose sight of these principles of design and just focus on concept.

I’d like to see a sequel to this on how these concepts relate to the quirks of composition within a T-shirt design versus composition within a rectangle. For example, composition that works on a variety of shirt sizes, where to place the image and (usually) avoiding putting the focus on the tummy or breasts (can I say “breasts”?), etc.


Fantastic post TGentry!
I’ve been trying to concentrate more and more on my overall composition as of late, with a focus on the Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds (both of which are related). It’s lead to some non-traditional placement, which has received fairly positive feedback.

I think it’s important to note that the “T-Shirt as a canvas” idea is important here–the design will not be printed on the internet in a vacuum.

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Ha! Seriously though, I abandoned an art minor in college but would seriously consider art school after an early retirement from the coding world…


Man, I’d really love to buy another one of those Noted shirts. The one I bought earlier ran really small and didn’t fit after a few washings/pounds gained.

Love that design, so thanks for bringing it back to my mind. :slight_smile:


Yes, apparently you can.
(Also, howdy to a fellow Orlandonianite!)