It's the Principles of the Matter (Part II)

Good stuff! Thanks for writing this, Travis.


Oops! I blame sinus medication and sleeping in high school French class.

The Samurai and the Sea Dragon is it still up for sale?

No, it is no longer for sale. But if you wear a MM, WL or WXL, you can find a few on teetrade.

I found this two part article very fascinating and great information. It was fun to see how the t-shirts are artistic, and not just fun to wear. It was really cool to see them compared to fine art. I think you did a great job of including many different types of art in your examples. Thanks for a great article.

Indeed! And for making it a point that these aren’t “just shirts.” I hate when people make that argument when legitimate criticisms are brought up about a design. There is no reason that “just a shirt” can’t also be art; I believe that the shirt should be!

Amusingly enough, this all came in what is PROBABLY the least principled week of prints in woot history. No offense to the office squids, but any week where that is the best shirt by a mile (and the most respectable by a long shot) is a bad week for art and humanity.

A good series of articles Travis that I can definately apply to my own work. I like that you used both art examples and design ones as they use the same principles. What I don’t understand is peoples need to argue the case for t-shirt design as art. I’m not saying that you can’t create artworks on or with t-shirts, just that shirt.woot and similar sites have a distinct design focus. They are functional, mass produced garments designed to communicate to an audience. I think real art exists in a different sphere.

You have enough qualifiers in there that I can’t quite disagree with you but I have to clarify that t-shirts are a completely unique medium and their potential to be works of art is no less than a painting or a sculpture.

Be that as it may I think you do a great job of always coming to the Woot table with excellent pieces of art that happen to be made for shirts :slight_smile:

Agreed, the potential is there, but I still look at shirts that people call art and at the most consider it good design. It would be interesting to know what people think are the very best examples of the t-shirt medium.

Edit: Just added a new topic here so people can post what they think are the best examples of t-shirt design.

That’s high praise coming from you tjost. While my output is uneven, it’s always nice to know there is an audience here, as well as new opportunities to extend yourself each week.

Cool. You’ll want to move that topic to this forum though – EBW is so busy with non-t-shirt stuff that it will get buried and forgotten there.

Just discovered that. I’d never ventured in there before but posted there because it was applicable to more than woot alone.