It's the Woot-themed Shirt.Woot shirt Derby!

A shirt design celebrating

This is about Woot as a whole, and not just SHIRT Woot, correct?

Any old Woot-related thing, yes. :slight_smile:

I’m actually disappointed. I was hoping for something specifically referencing shirt woot, and then I clicked the ‘logo’ png and realized wait, no, it’s green woot.

Bummer. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re looking for a design that is more about Woot as a whole, not just about Shirt. So all of our Shirt.Woot in-jokes and memes may not be applicable. You can certainly integrate some Shirt.Woot related elements, but it couldn’t hurt to learn about what’s going on over at Woot.

I’ve requested posts and links about Woot culture and in-jokes over on Woot. Maybe some of our Woot regulars will chime in and give some advice for those that are unfamiliar.

Yes, thanks for bringing back AA shirts! BUT, part of the issue is the sizing of the women’s shirts. Offer them in Women’s 2XL as well, they are close to the standard shirts Women’s XL offering, but better cut. Please?!?!?!

The description says “including the little registered trademark ‘R’” – indicating a ® mark – but the linked .ai file has a ™ trademark symbol.

Does it matter?

Weird, I just looked at both the ai & png file and saw the ® on both. Am I missing something?

I see - the one linked on the main current derby page is a different file than the one linked in the first post of this thread here. That one has the TM.

( )

AHA! Thank you. I’ll email off for a fix.

You should use the ® version

I would love to enter this, unfortunately, my schedule will prohibit me from doing so.
I look forward to seeing all the cool entries.

I could have sworn I read an earlier description of this Derby saying something about requiring the use of the color green in the logo, but now I don’t see that stipulation. Does that mean we can use any of the Woot color logos or do we still have to use the green logo only? Thanks!

I had a question about the logo, but I can’t find the comment I put, so who knows where I messaged that.

Is it rejection-able if the logo is spread out through your design at all? I’m working on a geometric pattern and it looks great if I incorporate the letters into it. Thanks!

The answer (and your question) is actually on another page:

For the record, I had already drawn and conceived of my entry before I saw your cat eye woot image … and besides, my cute critter is not a cat. nope definitely not a cat.

Hahaha, thanks. I knew I asked it somewhere.