I've entered lots of times where I'm at the mercy of a spread-sheet "random number" generator...

Unfortunately, if I’m OUTSIDE of my post I can move up-and-down in the list of posts and figure out an approximate post# - but if I then go in to EDIT that post I often get a DIFFERENT post# (it seems to depend on how many previous posts have been deleted??)… so which number (during edit, or not?) do I have to psychically “influence” in order to WIN??

Hi there. If someone deletes their post, it gets hidden. It still takes up a “number” but doesn’t count for the post count.

When I do contests, I use the permalink number which you can see if you click on the relative date stamp in a post.



Impressive - simple, coherent and QUICK.

TT, I’m so glad you’re back.
Hope all is “as the universe intended”…
(I don’t know enough to shape “good wishes”)

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