I've Heard of the 70's

http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

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Wow, they chose text!

James Brown IS dead after seeing that shirt…

ZOMG!!! NOOO!!! L O L!

grats to the artist.

begs for afterlife nap

Ooh… no thanks. Congrats though. =) This is a derby entry, right? It seems more like a daily shirt.woot. Like the Party like it’s 1989, or something. -_-

Edit: I might get it, just to cheese my dad off.
…maybe. =P

That’s funny in a vague sort of way. Alas it looks like kinda every other mock vintage tee… Still, may or may not buy it tomorrow.

Isn’t it grammatically incorrect to have an apostrophe there?

Not a bad one in my opinion. Too bad since I was born in 1971, I can’t really pull this one off.

it appears theyre trying to expand their target audience a bit - i have a feeling theyll be back after they try out all these… “different types” of shirts

Wow! This is a total surprise. Congratulations to Damien.

awesome, congrats damien. I like how the distressed effect is bit bolder than before.

Jeez, I am old!

Ugh. I’d buy it if the grammar were at least correct. '70s, people—not 70’s!

then don’t buy : ) beauty of commerce.

Gotta say, I was hoping to see this one again

<-- '81


Use an “s” without an apostrophe after the year to indicate spans of decades or centuries, a plural. Use an apostrophe before the year for class years or abbreviations to indicate the “20” is omitted. Any reference to the decades or classes from the 1900s needs to use the “19.”

This is the situation now. Had this shirt been made in say the 90s then you could have written it “70s”

Right: The university was formed in the 1960s.
Right: She belonged to the Class of 1924.
Right: Shannon will graduate with the Class of '03.
Wrong: The '60s were famous for hippies, flower power and the peace movement.
Right: Blair Underwood, A1988, was the guest speaker at commencement 2000.
Wrong: Blair Underwood, A’88, spoke to the graduating class of 2000.

An apostrophe after the year is needed for possessives.

Right: The presidential election was 1980’s biggest news story.

Damien is awesome, he’s been overdue for a print.

Also, this proves pretty conclusively that Woot can print some pretty heavy distressing- I wonder what makes halftones so different? Seems to me if one works, they both do, but I’m no expert.

(Also, the apostrophe is the main thing keeping me from a buy on this.)

This shirt rocks! In for one! Go 1982!!

i would only consider this if it was on a vintage weathered shirt