I've Seen All Good Pinot

I’ve Seen All Good Pinot

Portlandia Oregon Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$74.99 $149.00 50% off List Price
2012 Portlandia Oregon Pinot Noir

Reata Wines Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$49.99 $105.00 52% off List Price
2012 Reata Three County Pinot Noir
2011 Reata Carneros Pinot Noir, Barrel Select

Gypsy Boots Sonoma/Mendocino County Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$69.99 $140.00 50% off List Price
2011 Gypsy Boots Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, Mendocino County

Sequana Russian River Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$79.99 $135.00 41% off List Price
2010 Sequana Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

Here are some links to the previous offers. Seems like they all have had good discussions from the winery reps and some good tasting notes from the community.

Portlandia Oregon Pinot Noir

Reata Wines Pinot Noir

Gypsy Boots Pinot Noir

Sequana Russian River Pinot Noir


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Yes, indeed.


The Sequana is a VERY good wine, I ordered 3 last time it was around, just ordered two more sets because we are drinking it too quickly! Now to figure out where to put it when it comes…

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