I've Wooted my Last Woot

I only have a small handful of Woots under my belt, both before and after Amazons addition to the family.

UPS Mail Innovations is the entire reason why.

Send me an email when I can bypass this worthless, unaccountable, and unacceptable delivery service.

I would rather pay a marked up expedited shipping cost to avoid UPS Mail Innovations. However, UPS Mail Innovations is mandatory?

Which is weird, because I like Woot, and I like Amazon. But when they met each other on Grinder and got blackmailed by UPS Mail Innovations to use their shite service.

Me = unjoyus

I’m sorry for the frustration. We use a variety of shipping methods including UPS Mail innovations. We don’t have a way for you to choose your shipping method.

Is UPS Mail Innovations the same thing as SurePost where they hand it off to USPS?

I got around that by purchasing UPS My Choice and selecting to never hand over to USPS, to always automatically upgrade. Plus, there are some other perks.

They have a 3-month free coupon code with no expiration but they could terminate it at any time: CDC5ZH7B2 if you want to try it out before paying the 40 a year. If that code does not work, google it, codes are out there.

Personally, I think it is worth $3 and change a month.

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