IWA Siena Copper Striped Tumblers (4)

IWA Siena Copper Striped Tumblers, Set of 4
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(4) - Siena Copper Striped Tumblers, 13oz Capacity

“Keeps drinks colder”
Colder than what, a magma mug? Only way to make sure your drink gets to the same temperature as your hand faster would be to make it out of all copper.
Thank goodness these are just copper plated.

Great ugly mugly!

Steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Copper is antimicrobial and should be on the inside. As always, overpriced “gourmet” woot item.

Copper should NOT be on this inside. Drinking anything with a pH below 6.0 from a copper vessel is generally considered unsafe, which is why even very nice copper Moscow Mule cups are lined with steel.

Also, hand sanitizer is anti-microbial. Do you drink that?

I use lead lined cups

These look like spitoons out of an old west movie.

They make your drink come out lumpy.

I dont know about you, but I think copper has a very nasty smell too it. Everytime you take a sip out of these I’d imagine I’d get a big whiff of copper.

Colder than a silver mug. Obviously!

I’ll be the judge of that. No, seriously. Send me four solid silver mugs for me to compare.
C’mon Woot! Do it for the accuracy! Think of the children…

I drink milk or water both have pH above 6.0. Acidic drinks are not a good idea as they damage teeth enamel and dentin.