iXPAND iPhone/iPod Rechargeable Battery


That’s not an iPhone, it’s an iPod.

Id say if you can get a rechargeable that actually works w/ the godlike apples for $10 youre doing well.

Then again, I’m just a peasant who owns nothing apple.

Again woot, that is not an iphone, look in the upper left corner, it even says ipod.

its an ipod touch

Woot-Off Killer

Sorry, just wanted to say it!

Does it blend as well as an iphone or ipod?

I know it’s only $5… but 500mAh is worthless except for emergencies. It’ll give you maybe 25% from a full charge.

I had a different 500mAh for my 3GS and hated it.

nice more shit none wants … quality post

is this zune compatible?

I have two relatives with iphones, these will be nice stocking stuffers.

Will this work with my iPhone?

Does anyone see the ereader touch coming back up?
I’ve been waiting for it all day.
jeez, you take one little nap and…

Edit: Nevermind, noticed the last one up was the 600. Now I can rest in peace once again…

They mention this charging your main battery…

Now maybe someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in…

Without some type of assistance, wouldnt the two batteries level each others power out, vs the one just dumping into the other?

Im thinking, shut off air compress to fill a tire as an analogy…

frozen mixed vegetable c*cks, is this woot off still going on?


Doesn’t work for iPhone 4? No thank you.

Nice that you can charge it though USB though.

100hr standby? what does this mean. if I charge this thing and leave it in my purse for emergencies, will it be dead in 4 days?

or does it mean enough power for 100hr of iphone standby

i don’t have an ipod or iphone :frowning: