IZOD Men's Rigid Jeans



IZOD Men's Rigid Jeans


So I guess if you’re as big around as you are long there’s no fit :roll_eyes:


“Slim” Yet all these pants are for people who are bigger in the waist than they are tall.


How rigid are they? Can you sit down?


I am too short. no sale. If you can manage to find a good tailor to shorten the inseam it ends up costing as much as the pants.


If it’s just the length you want shortened, search on the interweb for “how to hem jeans while keeping original hem”. It works really well!


Something is off with those jeans. Maybe it is the model or how he is wearing them - but the pocket nearly half way down the leg just looks odd.


Wow, I dislike baggy jeans a lot and these look rather dislikeable. I recently bought several pair of Levis Denizen Skinny Fit 216 jeans and they fit great.


It was a bold choice to use a jeans model without a butt.


My wife refers to it as “noassatall” – a genetic condition which apparently I have all the symptoms of…