Izon MP3 Player with MMC/SD Card Slot


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Izon_MP3_Player_with_MMC-2fSD_Card_Slot-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft]Welcome to the Izon MP3 Player with MMC/SD Card Slot topic page for Tuesday, September 20, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
Item qty: 2000, Last Order: 9:03 AM CST, Wooter to blame: treefrog
Order Pace: 0m 15.797s, Woot Wage: $3,308.51/hour.


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Good price for an MP3 Player.
Just need a good priced MMC/SD Card.

Here’s a $49.95 (after rebate) 1GB one.
I’ve never heard of the place, so it might not be the most reliable store?

or a PNY 1GB Secure Digital Memory Card for $39.99 (After rebate) at buy.com


Whiner’s List

This list contains whiners who had something mildly entertaining to say, unlike me.

charli - 1 (its Block of Concrete night without the bag )
brinkszen - 1 (Mercifully no Star Wars characters were harmed during this episode)
hatcherdog - 1 (woot should grab the mp3 player, blind people with the hologram, and then drop a band of chimps on top of it, spewing out mini holographic stickers everywhere)
onemithras - 1 (Say hit to onemithras everyone…) Hit to onemithras everone.
yangoss - 1 (should I buy a few for cheapo grab bag presies for the folks at work??? then don’t give them any sd cards and watch them smile all happy and stuff at yet another useless presie)
brian28 - 1 (Actually this could be used by 4 people if they only used one ear each)
me_want_Toys - 1 (Or - quadraphonic sound for those lucky people with 4 ears. )
ventifact - 1 ( even 4… if 2 or 4 people were only half-listening.)
Detonator - 1 (or for simultaneous listening by 1 person with 4 ears. ) copycat!
gnickolson - 1 (all about x-mas, people… )
yangoss - 1 (I twisted my own arm after I realized that not only does this thing play music it is a nice and cheap sd card reader!!! )
rugby4me - 1 (Consider yourself twisted. )
hottub - 1 (i t looks like a really good happy meal prize…)
mpittard - 1 (Not bad! I’m game.) This has so many directions it could go.
swearinagain - 1 (Does the Block of Concrete really exist??)
jsaya - 1 (If only this thing had an ID3 tag display. I’m ordering one anyways!)
AlpooplA - 1 (Why must I always be punished for living within 5 miles from the Woot warehouse…)
joekisonu - 1 (To all you early posters who are complaining about 1.1 being too slow… you’re sitting around waiting until 1:00am just to see what the woot-o-da-day is… you’ve already proven you have nothing better to do than sit around and wait, so why complain). What he said!
Kromeplatedheart - 1 (“Naught plus naught is naught.” Beverly Hillbillies anyone?)
gork - 1 (Man I hate that bouncing button. Seriously, it’s pointless. I mouse over it to make it stop! )
whitenl - 1 (I feel safe saying that your “pride of your cd collection” is irritating friends. upgrade to post-Bel-biv-devoe technology. )
andrewj - 1 (BTW, they were going to have memory with this but forgot.) I’ve been looking for this pun all day!
mac daddy - 1
Total - 23


Wow cheapest one yet avail on Woot.

Sort of like the idea that you can size it up to whatever the heck you want
If I got some spare memory i’ll buy one!

Nice job!


BANG! These are nice


looks like another crapy mp3 player


A woot I can afford! YEAH!


Looks pretty sweet. Too bad I just ordered a Nano yesterday!


Good price but I don’t need it either.


Eh…not interested

always 2morrow…good thing i didnt stay up,and im always up this late


No thanks, iPod works fine. This is enticing though. This is what I expect from Woot!



Good price, would be better if they GAVE us a memory card to start with.
Could price it higher too with that.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…I have like 10 devices that do the same thing. “Attention K-mart shoppers, we found these mp3 players in the dumpster and everyone in the store will be receiving one”


not bad… I LOVE wooting!


Hey, it comes with NO memory. nice. No thanks.


So it doesn’t have any memory of its own… what did I expect for $19.99?


Yeah hook us up with a good deal on an iPod Nano.


Is this any good!!!


I wonder what the sound quality from this is really like…anyone know?