J. Bookwalter "Antagonist" Syrah (2)

yeah, I sure love wine, etc.etc. posting to see what my avatar will be…anyway, in for 1 Washington Syrahs are usually tha bomb

Info post:
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Thanks and back to the wineing.

If anyone is still reading this…

Well today my delivery guy at work brought me a bottle of this that was sent before the offering :frowning: I was out of town and he thought it a good idea to hold it at his desk until I got back, well he forgot until now! I will try to drink before the end of the week and post a very tardy note.

Neil maybe you should take me off the list…my delivery system is not the best right now.

I know not what you speak of. But how was the wine?

Tasted 9-11-14
Not my cup of tea. It’s very earthy on the first hit almost dirty. This was run through an aerator. As the wine developed it dropped the earth notes and changed to a tobacco flavor profile with a slight touch of fruit.

It seemed more old world to me. With a lot of balance, not hot or puckery, just not my particular style.

Bottom line is if you like big earthy broody wines in an old world style this will hit you in the right spot. For me I like a bit more fruit.

Fun to try it though!