J. Bookwalter "Antagonist" Syrah (2)

J. Bookwalter “Antagonist” Washington Syrah 2-Pack
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2012 “Antagonist” Syrah, Elephant Mountain Vineyard, Yakima Valley
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Oh I bought this the last sale. It was interesting for me. I’ve not had a Yakima Syrah before and wanted to take a flyer on it.

My brief tasting notes: Earthy in the beginning and mid. Tapers off to some mild dark fruits. There wasn’t any tannic bite or alcohol heat for me either. It was an educational wine for me, but not my cup of tea. A friend tried it and she loved it. She was gifted my 2nd bottle.

If you like the more restrained wine I think this was really quite nice.

I bought it too but haven’t tried it yet, thank you for posting some tasting notes!

Some nice notes in the previous offer link.

Thanks for the notes! You sold me! I love earthy, old world style Sarah. I’m going to grab two or three of these to save for some 2016 sipping.

I prefer a busty Sarah to an earthy one. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand how 15.7% alcohol equates to “old world style”. Not to say it can’t be an excellent wine, but it would seem to suggest new world style with those alc levels. Especially in Washington.

My thoughts exactly. Syrah can hide alcohal well but this seems a little big to call it old world. Of course I haven’t tried it so my opinion is simply based on an interpretation of the provided specs. The acidity is a bit high as well for a Washington wine.

Just back from dropping off the bins for today’s harvest. Reading through the comments regarding alcohol and acidity and old world vs new world, this wine is quintessential WA in that WA wines are often described as having old world Terrior and new world fruit, big fruit, rusticity, classic Syrah characteristics of slate, game, black pepper, definitely more Northern Rhone than Australian or even CA. Also regarding acidity, it is the best veil for alcohol and that is why WA can wines often carry higher alcohols without feeling flabby or hot.

This wine looks really good. Almost makes me want to link my account.

Hmmmm… I’m a huge fan of the Northern Rhone, and not too familiar with Washington Syrahs… this is very tempting!

Any news on wine.woot plus deals going forward? SH deal ended today, with no new plus deal in its place.

Probably be a new one Friday morning.

I’m a lucky gal, I can just go down the road about 2 miles and hit the winery itself! Love me some Washington wines!

These 2012s are some of the best bottles we’ve ever bought on woot. crazy good juice with rich complexity and perfect balance. drinking perfectly now, and yet almost certainly their best days are yet to come…