J. Bookwalter "Antagonist" Syrah (2)

J. Bookwalter “Antagonist” Washington Syrah 2-Pack
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2013 “Antagonist” Syrah, Columbia Valley A.V.A, Washington State
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Here is a link to the sale for the 2012 with some tasting notes. The 12’ seemed like a really solid syrah by the reviews and I’m sure this is great too, I’m not buying much right now otherwise I might consider it.


I don’t think this is the same wine as the 2012 offering, which was terrific and the star at our 2014 thanksgiving dinner. That one was a Yakima valley single vineyard offering and there is no mention of that here.

Given the talk about “high tannin potential” in the tasting notes for the 2013 vintage, is this ready to drink now?

From the Specs;
Appellations: Yakima Valley 60%, Columbia Valley 40%
Vineyards: Elephant Mountain 60%, Conner Lee 40%

Nice catch, it would seem like these type of will benefit from a little aging but nothing long term. I wouldn’t go past 10 on these. My best guess would be hold for a couple of years and then drink over a couple if years. But everyone’s palatte is different.

Saw this in the specs snd was curious about the term 2nd fill.

“Aging: 100% French oak, new puncheons and second fill 225L barrels”

New barrel; 1st fill. These would seem to be once used, hence, 2nd fill.

Time for a PSA. (see what I did there?)

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