J&D's Sriracha Popcorn

In for 3. It was $5 at another site, and I was thinking about trying it then. Pair this with my day long Free Shipping, makes it worth it, woot!

what is a Sriracha?

It’s a hot sauce that you typically see in Asian restaurants. AKA Rooster Sauce.

It’s a kind-of okay/slightly-crappy hot sauce that people that don’t know good hot sauce from a hole in the ground like.

Okay, so these just arrived at my front door, and little did I know that ordering 3 was going to be so much, haha! Thinkgeek has a SINGLE bag of this stuff for $5. Apparently, I paid $2.99 * 3 = $8.97 for not three bags, but three BOXES of this! I now have 36 bags sitting here in the living room, and a steaming wife, haha!!!

Well, 35 now, they are actually pretty good!

Yeah, I was pretty shocked too! I got the free shipping on another item - and so I paid what, 3-4 dollars for 12 bags of this? AMAZEBALLS.

Me, too! I had to go double check my order to make sure I didn’t screw anything up!

how very dare you, sir.

it is an amazingly flavorful mysterious wonder that i am currently using as if it were ketchup to dip my grilled cheese into.