J & J Cellars 2008 Mixed Red - 4 Pack

J & J Cellars 2008 Mixed Red - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 J & J 2008 Barbera
1 J & J 2008 Merlot
1 J & J 2008 Tempranillo
1 J & J 2008 Reserve Petite Sirah
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Winery website

Nice line up, would love to know more about the winery!

what are the drinking window on these 4?!

13.37 percent? Le.et Petite

Hmmmm…zero CT reviews on any of them.

Because I just created them.

We tasted some excellent Petite Sirah and Tempranillo last week in that area. Most were a few years older than these 2008s, however. The one '08 PS (Penman Springs) we tried was good enough for a two bottle purchase.

What is the cooperage on all of these?

their tempranillo sound delicious!!!
I really hope there is winery participation this weekend, and good rat reports

Let’s hope there aren’t any yahoos creating duplicate entries, which seems to be common on some wine.woot offerings.

We are a family owned and operated winery and take great pride in producing good quality wines that are incredible values. Jim & Janis Judd have owned the property where the winery is located for over 30 years. They used to grow apples and pears and raise cattle. In 1998 they planted the vines and started towards their goal of creating a place where every guest would be treated like royalty and good customer service and high quality wines would be the norm. If you have specific questions about the winery, I’d be glad to answer them.

San Miguel, CA. located just north of Paso Robles on the 101.

All of them will age well for several years, but obviously the Merlot and Petite Sirah you can cellar longer than the Barbera and Tempranillo.

Why the name JJ as opposed to JJJ Cellars?

Yes, I have purchased some of the Penman Springs Petite Sirah, and it’s very good. I urge you to try ours - it’s one of the best in the area but is priced much lower than the others. Cheers!

I assume the 2008 Estate Petite Sirah listed on your website is the same as the 2008 Reserve Petite Sirah offered here?

For those looking for PS reviews, there is a review of J&J Cellars’ Petite Sirah 2007 on CellarTracker:

Dark purple color. Dark berry nose. Tastes of blackberry, boysenberry, pepper, leather, and earth. Nice freshness. Rich finish.

We picked J&J Cellars because the winery is owned by Jim and Janis Judd. We looked at many other alternatives, but settled on this one. Believe me, it’s pretty hard work trying to come up with a winery name that sounds good, hasn’t been used before, and someone isn’t going to object to!

No, the Petite Sirah listed on our web site is the Estate Petite sirah. What you are being offered here is the Reserve Petite Sirah, which has not been released.

Your website has decent tasting notes on the James Judd & Son Vineyards wines. Do you have anything comparable for these wines?

I’m curious about tannin levels in these wines - new oak? Old oak?

I’ve heard that the 2008 vintage on the central coast was sort of a train wreck - how was it for you?


How much do you make?