J&J First Aid Kit - 2 Pack

Got these last time, great deal, still haven’t used them yet.

I also got these last time (two woot-offs ago). Still haven’t used them (thankfully) but theres one in my house and the other in my car.

Really useful to have and it’s better safe than sorry.

Woo in for 1. I always seem to misses these.

That’s a good thing, right?

These will fly out of here.

Good deal for an accident prone family like mine. Too bad I can only buy three. We’ll go through these in no time!

Product page: http://www.jnjredcross.com/first-aid-kits-supplies

I’m the third. I can’t believe I waited so long to add something this essential to my household. And the price is terrific, too.

Last time they were $5.99 per two pack.
I bought three…


22 dollars with shipping for 1.

Seems like a great price. In for one.

Great bundle for a great price!

Getting two is what really makes this deal. It almost makes you want to hurt yourself so you can use all the cool stuff that’s included.

These are about $25 each over at Sears which was the only (reputable) place I could find these exact kits.

Nice deal, Woot!

Yay! I missed out on these last time by seconds! In for 2/2 packs.

Last time it was a slightly different package with slightly different content. Not sure if that justifies the extra $4 per 2 pack though.

For instance this one has tweezers and a finger splint (aka popsicle stick), and knuckle and finger bandages, whereas the last one didn’t but had different numbers of the other types of bandages.

Wal-Mart carries these. They’re around $10 each there I think.

I’m in for one! Having a two year old we run in to booboo’s and ouchies all the time.

In for 3 (6). Always nice to have these on hand.

I bought these last time. What a great deal! The band-aids alone are worth the price.