J. Ludlow Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

J. Ludlow Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2008 “Kemsley 1550” Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ynez Valley
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I’m not sure why this is called kemsley 1550 but I know the fruit source is good. Camp 4 is great for rhone varietals, but i have never had a cab from the this vineyard. Any comments from anyone who has had a cab from this vineyard?

Have the daughters and grandkids out from Missouri for a week and a half,
Sooo I’m sitting here Sunday morning and my oldest granddaughter walks in the room and announces hey Grandpa, I found this box on the porch a few days ago, what is it? Oops, a bottle of 2008 Kemsley 1550 Cab being offered today, now I NEVER drink this early, but feel I need to take one for the team here.
(it’s 8 am) 1st pour light in color and very fruittie aromas, not much legs though.
1st drink was very smooth with a light oak flavor surprised me as my pallet wasn’t ready for wine this early. At this time all I can say is I like this wine, I need to let it air our a few hours and revisit around 1 pm. I’ll follow up later today.

Which begs the question, have you ever had a red you didn’t like? Anxious to hear your updated review.

yep quite a few, Copa & Jane to name a few.

Its 3pm. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m later than expected, the Grandkids want to get some Kings gear so we drove the South Bay getting Kings hats & shirts,
This is weaker than I like in my Cab’s but it is a nice wine, very, very smooth. Has really nice legs now, Different glass than this morning, maybe cleaner, but nice legs. Really drinkable right now, I think most Cab/Merlot drinkers would like this wine. I can’t think of a wine offered in past that I could compare it to. But would recommend this wine.

Edit: had the wife try it and she really liked it. Said it doesn’t taste like a Cab, for what its worth.

wife says go for it
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