J. Rickards Alexander Valley Sauv Blanc (5)

J. Rickards Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc 5-Pack
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2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Croft Vineyard, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
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I know the previous offer link is in the previous post but I’m not sure if people look at it. so I’ll post tasting notes from it.

From losthighwayz
J rickards sauvignon blanc 2013
Croft vineyard 14.3 alc

Color: light yellow, almost white. Very transparent

Nose: bright stone fruit. Peach? Smells fresh and crisp. Bit of green pepper

Taste: classic sonoma sb. Fruit forward, some lemon, not sour. Very crips and nice acidity. Liking it. Not flabby at all. Getting some minerality that is pleasant…
SWMBO really likes it. Says a tad sweet. I dont agree. This is bone dry. I am guessing she is getting lots of fruit.

Overall: enjoyable on a warm day by itself or with food. Feeling the high alcohol just a bit.

Would guess $18 at winery and happy to pay $14 delivered with tax and shipping.

Edit: SWMBO must have picked up the 5% Semillon which explains the hint of sweetness. I thought it was 100% SB. Man, she’s good! This is a nice QPR.

From RJQuillan
I’d not have guessed that low on the pH, must be the fruit in the Semillon. Very nice effort; plenty of fruits to make it interesting, just enough acid to cleanse, but remains soft enough to it can easily be consumed solo. Not and oak/butter monster at all, far from it.

Didn’t we have this at losthiwayz’ place a couple months ago? I don’t have written notes but I do remember this being a solid wine. And at $12/bottle this isn’t too shabby a value either.

If this is what we drank at Lost’s place, this was really good. Again, if it’s the same, $12/btl is a really solid buy here.

I bought the 2012 when it was offered last January and thought it was excellent; a Pedroncelliesque QPR IMHO. My tasting notes for the 2012 are at CT.

In for one - would do more but I’ve already got so much Pedroncelli white hanging out that I don’t have room for more.

Melon, citrus, mineral? 13/bottle shipped?
Done. In for one

I’m in.

I bought a set in November after I read Losthighwayz notes and his comparison to the similarly priced Chance Creek SB offered several times over the last couple years. (I liked that one also). Opened a Rickards SB at a holiday party and while I did not get a taste, a guest with a respectable palate commented that it was a nice SB. Opened another bottle a week or so ago with some Chinese takeout and was very happy I bought it. Agree with Lost that this is better than the CC SB. no formal notes other than: fantastic QPR, NOT grassy, buy again!

Darn…no North Carolina. Seems pretty rare that is the case. This wine sounds right up my wife’s alley.

It is.

Same wine. Great QPR!

Good to hear, I liked the Chance Creek. In fact, I was wondering when we would see that again…
I have two bottles of white left in the stash, this works out perfect.

I like SB, in general. But I love SB when it reflects some of the more “unusual” and herbal tastes that the grape is known for–like jalapeno, asparagus, basil, etc.

That flavor profile is apparently tough to produce in Napa/Sonoma SB (those flavors appear to be a function of ripeness of the grape), and from the tasting notes, it looks like this falls directly in line with what someone would expect from the region.

Hi Folks, Ross from J. Rickards Winery here. Please let me know if you have any questions about the wine or where it comes from. This truly is a top-notch SB. Gold Medal winner at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2014!

I did note green pepper and notice some herbal aspects though not overpowering. I also would not generalize the region because I ordered Geyser Peak Block Selection on here a while back and jalapeno was full frontal and delicious! Just my two cents :smile:

Good to know–thanks! My generalization may be unfair, you’re right.

I wonder if those characteristics are often lacking from Napa/Sonoma SB (while being more prominent in French SBs) because producers try to avoid the vegetal/herbal flavors in their SB? I wonder if there’s a perception that those aromas/flavors are less mass-customer friendly…?

Ive learned over my time here on WW that there are a number of wineries and winemakers who do not give in to the “quick bick” by producing wines that appeal to the masses. I am not trying to sound snobby but my palate is able to dismiss cloying, oaked, blah blah blah wines that most casual drinkers enjoy. I suspect most consumers prefer fruit forward sauv blancs hence the majority of CA SB falls along this spectrum. However, some inlAnd AVAs may simple produce SB that is higer in alcohol, RS, et al. Because of the lack of cool nights and overly hot days. Anyone with more knowledge care to chime in?

Ordered last time and enjoyed it much. I was disappointed not to get the mustache coasters! :disappointed:

Hmm, that’s no good on the coasters, I thought they were being included. Send me an email - Ross@jrwinery.com, and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks!

Good to hear!