J.Rickards Alexander Valley Zinfandel

J. Rickards Alexander Valley Zinfandel
$65.99 + $5 shipping
2 2009 J. Rickards Ancestor Selections Zinfandel
2 2009 J. Rickards Old Vine Zinfandel
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Well this definitely is not Sake…

A truer statement has never been said :wink: lol…

When was the last time wine.woot had Sake?

I’m delighted to see these wines here. I haven’t had the 2009 yet, but the 2008 Ancestor Selections was one of the best Zinfandels I’d had in years. The Old Vine Zinfandel is fantastic too - it reminds me a lot of Ridge Geyserville. It’s a typically Californian “mixed blacks” style wine, beautifully and elegantly restrained and at a thankfully moderate level of alcohol. J. Rickards is probably one of the best California wineries you’ve never heard of - and this is a screaming deal. If you like your Zinfandels elegant, complex, and nuanced, I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Sake was last offered on 10/1/2011. An Oregon Sake maker…

sake…keep an eye out. in the meantime, these Zinfandels are without a doubt my favorite Zin discovery of the year so far. I was blown away by their entire spring lineup at the winery. Wooters! take note, seriously well made wine here and a rare treat for us on Wine.Woot!

took the words right out of my head! +1

Just missed being first sucker but these sound very very good.

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Not a hard decision.

J.Rickards Alexander Valley Zinfandel
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What is the drinking window for each? It is interesting that the Old Vine Zin is actually a blend of Zin, Petite Sirah, Carignane and Mataro. Curious what the winery says about this.

There’s a real dearth of info out there (CT, etc.) so we’re going to be at the mercy of wooters, the winery itself and … well … that’s about it.

how do these compare to Scott Harvey’s zins or peter Wellington’s? I loved their recent offerings and would love to add some similar flavors to my cellar.

That sounds just like a Ridge Geyserville blend - one recent Ridge was 70% Zinfandel; 18% Carignane; 10% Petite Sirah; 2% Mataro. This is a typical field blend found in old plantings in California. Sounds like a steal at $18 a bottle.

I dunno man, I mean the positive feedback is encouraging but the pictures are… None of them are upside down or positioned in any way that screams “I’m cool bro, buy me.”

We were at a wine store in Sonoma last year looking for a few unique bottles to round out our case, and when asked for recs the owner pointed us toward the J.Rickards Cab Sav, describing them as a family outfit putting out exceptional wines. I can say that the CS was excellent, and I will be buying these Zins.

Dave or John, interested in a split?

I might be tempted, love Zins. And comparisons to Ridge Geyserville nudge me further. Decisions, decisions.

I love Zinfandel but I think I may have too many at the moment. Woot needs to come up with some Petit Sirah soon!

In for one. I have been waiting for a good Cali-zin.

Still working on my Oregon sake stash

When will the wine bottles be dancing? Right-side up, up-side down, lazing around, that is all boring stuff, now. Start working on more animated wine pictures.