:frowning: - No JUD500 Ultra Station!

Anyone used any of this stuff?

The Android Mirror sounds totally awesome, but Newegg reviews are mixed at best, with most complaints being that it simply doesn’t work for their device (including, it’s claimed by j5) any rooted devices. I very much want this thing, but I guess I’ll pass.

There is a program that does this with any cable. I used it when I broke my phone screen to recover my data. https://code.google.com/p/androidscreencast/

Also this, never tried it though.

Seconded! :frowning:

For those curious about the differences:
JUD200: http://j5create.com/our-products/docking-stations/jud200.html
JUH320v2: http://j5create.com/our-products/docking-stations/juh320v2.html
JUD500: http://j5create.com/our-products/docking-stations/jud500.html

Basically, the 200 is a docking station (USB 2.0 -> USB 2.0 hub + VGA + 10/100 Ethernet + Headphone/Mic) w/ Win/Mac compatibility.
The 320 is a USB 3.0 shared hub w/ SD card reader & KM (like KVM w/o video).
The 500 is like a cross between the two with HDMI added (and not available).

Oh, and anyone wondering about the JUC100 vs. JUC400, check here:

Basically, the difference is OS support. The 100 only supports Windows, while the 400 supports, Windows, Mac, and (somehow) iPad.

I got one of the Wormhole cables when they were here before. My wife works from home, and she has her work computer on VPN, and her personal computer sitting next to it on the desk. (One monitor for each)

Figuring it would be nice to ditch the keyboard and mouse set from one of the computers, I had thought of a software solution like “Mouse Without Borders”. However, that won’t work because the computers are essentially on different networks. Remote desktop won’t work as a solution, either.

I plugged it in and it crashed one of the computers- turns out there was a conflict with some scanner driver- the solution was easily found on the website.

Turns out that the mouse works but the keyboard doesn’t- it may be because the work computer is a laptop, so it’s not external?

Anyway, interesting concept, but not perfect in execution. Still, I’d say it’s worth the $15 or so to try it out.

One side benefit of the docking station is that it will lift the back of your laptop up a bit, likely improving typing ergonomics and definitely improving cooling. Interesting device.

As for the android mirror, I can’t help but think that it not working on ANY rooted devices (if true) is a real problem; it would be more power users who would be drawn to this, and power users often root…

Here is j5create’s page on Android Mirror compatible phones: http://www.j5create.com/juc600/juc600_support.htm

I have 3 j5 products … they are great!!

To those asking about the Android Mirror, I use it everyday at work. It is very handy.

They are a US based company too, so when I have had to call their technical support in the past they were easy to talk to.

Hope that helps!