Jabra BT-350 Bluetooth Headset - 2-Pack

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Jabra BT-350 Bluetooth Headset - 2-Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 2 Jabra BT-350 Bluetooth Headset

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someone should right a real nice 2fer tuesday song… and post it up… anyways… comparison shopping links are here… 2fer wins again… always does.

refurb = boooooo

USB interface to charge with?

2 fer. One for each ear maybe?

Not bad. Don’t need one for both ears though :wink:

Just bought the LG from the wootoff… so no need.

I had this for over a year now. Great headset! Go for it!

who puts refurb stuff from other peoples ears on them?

got two of these last years black friday for $8 good night woot.

SPOCKWARE!!! Spockwear!!!

I hate all the total geeks running around with these silly devices on…

You look rediculous!

what do you charge it with, there is no charger with it?

refurb… nah NEXT!

Ok, let’s get two things out of the way:

  1. these sound and work great
  2. There’s no ear goo… they don’t go inside!!!

great woot. recommend.


Nice to have an affordable woot that I really need

Ever used a knife and fork that been washed and put them in your mouth?

click on the item

Using my 150 from woot looks like an cheap upgrade. Thanks i’m in for 6 LOL

I am in for 2. Now I can save $20 on Warhawk for PS3 by just downloading it instead of getting the one with the headset. Plust I have some extras for gifts. GREAT WOOT, sorry Sony, I gave your $20 to woot.com

refurbished headset. somebody else’s earwax included. no thanks.