Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset



Is this not worth discussing? :slight_smile:

Does this have a flexible ear-hook? My LG headset is good except that the ear-hook is not flexible so it hurts the ears after a while.


Bought two of these last time this was on woot.com (two for 19.99 then I believe). One of the best purchases I’ve had in a while. The headset is tiny, comfortable, and battery lasts a long time. My only complaint is the volume isn’t really loud. It’s hard to hear when driving on the highway. Highly recommended!


I bought 2 a while back - My wife and I like them. No, they are not the best, but the work well.

But here is the mystery to solve: The one and only time there is an echo is when we are talking with each other and both using the head sets. (no, we are not in the same room when it is echoing). I can use it to call her with no echo -until she turns on the head set and then the echo starts. I have never tried talking with anyone else who owns a BT head set.


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I thought a meter was ~ 3.3 feet…damn English always changing it up on me…lol


When my girlfriend uses it and I don’t use mine, I can hear myself echo. She doesn’t hear herself echo when I use mine. However, when we are both using it, it is completely fine. Odd I’d say.


Bought this the last time the had it on woot, a couple weeks ago. Battery lasts a very long time, comfortably enough for a 3.5 hour drive, flexible ear hook. Pretty good headset for the money I’d say.


will this work with the Ps3? I ask because not all the bluetooth headsets out there do work with the Ps3.


Buy.com has it for the same price:

I’ve noticed that a lot of stuff sold on woot can be bought from buy.com
Maybe woot buys it from buy.com :slight_smile:


It does have a flexible ear loop, but it still gets uncomfortable after a while.
I can confirm the echo problem others have mentioned: if I’m using the headset, tpeople I’m talking to often say there’s an echo.
Also, I’d have liked the volume to be able to get louder, but it’s usually OK.
If you’re looking for a first time/cheap bluetooth headset, this one’ll do.


I’ll have to ask my wife if she hears herself echo when she is not using it, but I am.


Doesn’t seem to be much discussion going on…

Here’s the forum from the last time this item was sold on Woot.


what the hell, the sellout page has a laptop charger thing i NEEEEED why is it going to a bluetooth headset page wtf?


Yes it works with the PS3


there’s no point, just check teh 14 other times this item has been sold in the past 2 months for a full discussion.


Yeah, Bluetooth! I can’t remember the last time Woot had Blutooth. I’ve been waiting forever.


Because the laptop charger was sold yesterday, the bluetooth headset is on sale today. Your page link is out of date.


One of these was my first woot… think it was 9.99. Still a good deal, I’d buy it again, if I had any reason to. The one I bought before still works just fine :slight_smile:


Buy.com will be fulfilling the orders for this particular Woot. That’s the arrangement.