Jabra BT135 Compact Bluetooth Headset - 2 Pack

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Jabra BT135 Compact Bluetooth Headset - 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 2 Jabra BT135 Compact Bluetooth Headset

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great 2fer, woot… i like the direction these products are moving these days… happy holidays and all that… here’s the useful linkage too

I bought 3 for “the team”.

wow ths is so hard to resist

imagine, you can have a backup to a backup

Best Buy has similar ones for $20, yet only one.

One for each ear for surround sound?

Looks kind of small and I have big ears. Do these pinch and hurt people with bigger ears?

Sweet! Just lost another one of these the other day–and 2 pack’ll work!

I have the same headset. It’s NOT terrible, but not the most comfortable. It’s also ain’t too loud. 2 for $20 is worth it

Anyone know if these are any good?

looks fugly

I’d rather not get another ear infection from a refurbished Bluetooth headset, thanks Woot assholes. You should reimburse me the money it cost to go to the emergency, I’ll let to allergic reaction to my medicine slip this time.

Bluetooth is lame unless you drive a manual.

Bought one a while back. Decent sound quality, not the most comfortable fit, but works well and is very compact.

Use this instead of coal for the person that has been naughty this year in their stocking

Got the 350’s from woot 2fer, Why go backwards ? Or are the lower numbers better ?

I recently bought the BT-350 from Woot. It was also a twofer deal. I gave one to my dad. Neither one of us has had a lick of trouble. I had the BT-150 before that, and again, no trouble. Having the BT-350 already, I don’t see how this would benefit me in any way.

lol thanks I lulz’d

So how is the quality of these, anyone has it?

The best two-fer i’ve seen since joining woot. But i already bought this for $15 a week or so ago and it came with a car charger, just got it in the mail today in-fact…